Project Description

ABORIGINAL DAY LIVE 2015/ 2016/ 2017 

Music /Live performance / Arts & Culture

The ABORIGINAL DAY LIVE series’ features live concerts & solo performances from some of Canada’s best musical talent, with Aboriginal performers showcasing their rich and vibrant cultures from all corners of the country.

Aboriginal Day 2015 Repack (1×77’)

Featuring Don Amero, Federal Lights, Lightning Cloud, marijosée, Mike Bone, Patti Kusturok, Shayne & Taylor May, Trad, Crystal Shawanda, Murray Porter, Nathan Cunningham, Northern Cree Singers

Aboriginal Day 2016 Repack (1×70’)

ABORIGINAL DAY LIVE 2016 is a 1×132′ special hosted by Tina Keeper and Kyle Nobess, featuring the music, dance and other special moments not seen in the live broadcast. Featuring Joey Stylez; Dragonette; Ghostkeeper; Kristi Lane Sinclair; Genevieve Fisher; A Tribe Called Red and Elisapie.

Aboriginal Day 2017 Repack (1×116’)

The ABORIGINAL DAY LIVE 2017 REPACK features a compilation of live performances from stages across the country, including Jeremy Dutcher, Saali & the Ravenhearts; Kathia Rock; Sinuupa; marjosee; Ogimaakwewak Singers; Florent Vollant; Elisapie; Zachary Richard; Eagle & Hawk; Derek Miller; Charlie Major; Burnt-Project 1; Radio Radio; Digawolf; Nadia & Jason Burnstick; George Leach

Aboriginal Day 2017 8 Episode Series
  • ABDAY’17 SERIES EP1: OTTAWA (1X43’) features the Ogimaakwewak Singers; Florent Vollant; Genevieve Fisher; Elisapie; Zacharay Richard
  • ABDAY’17 SERIES EP2: WINNIPEG (1X30’) features Burnt-Project 1, Nelson Tagoona, Daniel ROA; Asham Stompers;
  • ABDAY’17 SERIES EP3: TORONTO (1X35’) features Eagle & Hawk; Willows; Eekwol; Derek Miller;
  • ABDAY’17 SERIES EP4: MONTREAL (1X27’) features  Dalannah & Owen, Sinuupa, Deer Family Dancers, Marijosee;
  • ABDAY’17 SERIES EP5: YELLOWKNIFE (1X40’) features Digawolf; JF The First Lady; Nadia & Jason Burnstick; Mob Bounce; George Leach;
  • ABDAY’17 SERIES EP6: HALIFAX (1X39’) features Jeremy Dutcher, Saali & the Ravenhearts; Kathia Rock; Tirbe of One; Marianas Trench;
  • ABDAY’17 SERIES EP7: VANCOUVER (1X43’) features RadioRadio; Missy Knott; Digging Roots; The Tradeoffs;
  • ABDAY’17 SERIES EP8: EDMONTON (1X43’) features the Northern Cree Singers, ISkwe, Gerald Laroche, Kathleen Merritt, Lightening Cloud, Charlie Major;